Individual TeleConsultation

The world of CBD, cannabis and herbal supplements can be confusing and, quite frankly, overwhelming! We can provide you with reliable information about various cannabis-based and herbal-based products, including CBD. Drs. Holmes and McKinney can help you find safe, reliable, and effective products. Many people take multiple prescription drugs and supplements. This may be unsafe or counterproductive. Dr. McKinney can review your medications and supplements, helping you get the best outcome.  

Bring Us to Your Store

You know your products and you're knowledgeable about the industry. We can add another level of expertise and credibility to your business to keep your clients coming back. Before scheduling this online, contact us at to get you the right number of docs and the right amount of time. See the full fee schedule below.

2 hours, 1 ‘doc’- $200
2 hours, 2 ‘docs’- $300
4 hours, 1 ‘doc’- $400
4 hours, 2 ‘docs’- $600

CannaBusiness Consulting

Drs. Holmes and McKinney provide a variety of consulting services in the cannabis and herbal supplement space including but not limited to
   -Product formulation 
   -Component/ingredient sourcing
   -Product sourcing
   -Scientific/medical advising
Before selecting and purchasing this option, please email us at in order to assure you get what you need. 

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